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10 years that changed the world

A look at how the Web has changed the world over the last 10 years

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flickr interview

In an interview with flickr’s Eric Costello he explains how flickr started out as an online game and evolved into an online photo sharing site.

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google says…

Wednesday Google introduced a new tool, Google Talk. It is a simple text-chat voice over IP program similar to MS Messenger. I was surprised at how fast this application spread across the internet. Wednesday morning I’d never heard of Google Talk in my life, by 4 o’clock Wednesday afternoon I was chatting away with 5 different friends from across the world! All you need to get talking is a Gmail address[1]. You can then download and install the application and start inviting your friends.

At the moment Google Talk is still very limited, but I suspect that we can look forward to some great features [2] to be added soon.

[1] Someone with an existing Gmail account needs to invite you. This shouldn’t be too hard to organise.
[2] Like allowing more than 2 people to join in one conversation!

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Jesse James Garrett explains ajax: a new approach to web applications.

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snippet 1.0

Jason Kottke musing about the future of web based applications

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The Bonfire of the Vanities – Tom Wolfe

The Bonfire of the Vanities – Tom Wolfe

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3 iron

I went to the driving range with 5 buddies the other day. I don’t really play golf, but I can recommend a 3 iron! As we tried to hit little white balls into vast green fields, strange thoughts crossed our minds.

T-spark: “Damn! I love this sport, I can smoke and “exercise” at the same time, who would have thought?”

the brother-in-law: “I wonder how quickly the grass grows back…”

the brother: “10 hours of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005 every week… that’s the secret boys!”

cooper: “Damn I’m good! I don’t even play golf!”

pee wee: “Fuck that ball, it’s too small! How does cooper do it? he doesn’t even play golf!”

beefy: “That girl at tee 6 is hot! And she can drive too! I wonder if she’s wearing underwear?”

ninja: “I love to putt. Someone should make a game where all you do is putt, now there’s an idea! They should call it putt putt. puttedy putt putt putt…”

note: all identities have been “disguised”.

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All Stars

The other day I got myself a new pair of Converse All Stars. The 3rd pair I’ve owned in my life. Technically speaking my first pair weren’t All Stars, they were cheap imitations. They were red and I got them in primary school. Some kids use to call me “Wimpy Man” when I wore them… Now they also wear All Stars. I guess I was ahead of the times? All Stars have been around forever. I found it hard to believe, but All Stars were designed in 1923 by Chuck Taylor. They are the most popular shoe in history, over 600 million have been sold, and hundreds of “rip off” sneakers have been made by competitors.

The other day I was waiting for my sister infront of a busy store. I started counting the number of people walking by wearing All Stars. In about 5 minutes I counted 21 people. Some people never wear any other shoes than All Stars. I’ve never seen a photo of Dimebag Darryl or Slash without their All Stars, that’s dedication.

I’m sure a lot of people reading this have or do own All Stars. If so, then as a little experiment please add your “All Star timeline” as a comment.

My All Star timeline,

Year – Color, type(Real/Fake)
1994 – Red, low tops (Cheap imitations)
1996 – Black, low tops (Real Converse All Stars)
2005 – Light Blue, high tops (Real Converse All Stars)

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