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nano technology

If I won the lottery today the first thing I’d buy would be an iPod nano.

October 19th, 2005 3 Comments

Chronicles Volume 1 – Bob Dylan

Chronicles Volume 1 – Bob Dylan

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yellow ear blob freaks

Last night I went to a Steve Vai concert in Stockholm. Walking from the tube station I asked a bystander for directions. He pointed to a dark door leading into the basement of a seedy building. He casually recommended I buy some earplugs, the last time he saw Vai he had to go to visit an ear specialist the next day. I’ve been to a couple of shows where I should have probably also visited a doctor the next day, so I bought some ear plugs to try it out. I’m glad I did, I enjoyed the show allot because the music wasn’t blowing my brains out!

It’s strange, when I was a teenager I would have probably felt stupid [1] to stand there in the middle of a crowd with bright yellow blobs sticking out of my ears! Would have felt like a “yellow ear blob freak” or something. In South Africa people don’t really use ear plugs at concerts. I suspect allot of people don’t use them cause they think they’ll look stupid or seem “unappreciative” of the music, sort of like they’re trying to block out the music rather than listen to it. Which is obviously ridiculous because why else would they be there?

It’s the same behaviour people experience on nude beaches. Maybe you want to go there on a “rainy” day, just to see check out the scene… honest. But when you get there you feel self conscious because every body is nude and you’re the freak with clothes on!

In Europe however almost everybody wears earplugs at concerts. It kind of makes sense because you can seriously screw up your hearing, and never hear your favourite music again.

This morning I woke up without the familiar ringing in my ears. Last night I might have looked like a freak with yellow shit in my ear, but if everybody’s got the shit in their ears then maybe it’s abnormal not to have yellow shit in your ear?

OK, enough senseless rambling.

[1] Steve Vai is a good guitarist and all, but I wonder if he felt stupid wearing those tight zebra skin pants last night! I mean everybody had yellow earplugs in their ears, but he was the only guy wearing zebra skin lycra? Suppose you can get away with anything if you’re a famous rock and roll guitar player

October 6th, 2005 1 Comment