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Tomorrow the Municipal election is held in South Africa. Apart from being a public holiday, it also means you should take 30 minutes of your time and go make your mark. I did a little bit of research to find out what parties there are to vote for and I found out there are 97 different parties to choose from. To decide which party to vote for is almost as confusing as choosing a beer in a Belgian pub. As expected if you take a closer look at the names of the parties, it seems like allot of them are basically the same party. So, to make the decision easier for you tomorrow, I decided to merge most of these 97 parties into 8 easy to choose from parties. All you have to do is choose the party you like from my list and then vote for any one of it’s real parties.

Say What? Party (WHAT)
Dabalorivhuwa Patriotic Front, Sindawonye Progressive Party, Ximoko Party, Dikwankwetla Party Of South Africa, Ubumbano Lwesizwe Independent Residence Association

Konserwatiewe Afrikaanse Komplot (KAK)
Die Konserwatiewe Party van SA/The Conservative Party Of SA, Nasionale Aksie, Vryheidsfront Plus

Independent Trees (iTree)
Ecopeace, The Green Party Of South Africa

The “Maybe We’re Te Same Party?” Party
African Christian Democratic Party, African Christian Alliance, Christian Party, Christian Champion Party, Christian Democratic Party, Christian Front, God’s People Party, National Christian Democratic Party, Simunye In Christ Organisation, The South African Region Of Independent Churches, United Christian Democratic Party

0.000001834% Of The Vote Party
Abolition of Income Tax and Usury Party, Black Consciousness Forum, Minority Front, National Success Party, Regte Party/Right Party, Royal Loyal Progress, Super Party, Pro-Death Penalty Party, Black People’s Convention

No Gay People Party
Keep It Straight And Simple – KISS (your sister not your brother), Conservative Party

Most People Vote For Us And There’s Nothing You Can Do About It Party ‘ MPVFUATNYCDAIP

The Rest Of The Population Votes For Us And So Should You Party
Democratic Alliance

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This weekend I saw people behaving themselves like sheep. I went out on Saturday night to Jock Central (Hatfield) in Pretoria and I saw allot of BIG guys wearing small pink shirts, especially of the golfing kind. Probably no less than a year ago these same guys would have laughed at their “fashionably tuned in” buddy if he was wearing a pink shirt. But now all of a sudden pink shirts are cool! So recently more and more guys have started walking around thinking they are extremely unique and daring and at the forefront of fashion in their pink golf shirt with their collars up. Everywhere you look you see these “fashion icons” strutting their stuff in glorious pink [1]. What these guys don’t seem to realise is that they are copying each other like a bunch of sheep… pink sheep. Now don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with pink shirts, it could have been baby blue shirts and it would have been just as ridiculous [2]. So for the moment we have to live with these pink mini jocks until black is the new pink again!

I just hope the next big thing in “fashion” land isn’t banana hammocks!!!

[1] Somebody clever is making bucket loads of money selling these shirts.

[2] It’s probably easier to notice when everybody is wearing pink shirts because it use to be a bit unusual… But not anymore!

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The Terminal Man – Sir Alfred Mehran

The Terminal Man – Sir Alfred Mehran

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