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things to make and do on a long weekend

I love long weekends! and I’m pretty sure most people reading this do too.

The best part of long weekends is, I get to do all kinds of fun things that I never have enough time for…

Some of the things I did this weekend included…

1. Uploading some cool photo’s to flickr.
2. Going to a wedding! Yikes, my friends are starting to get married! (OK, the long weekend has nothing to do with me going to weddings or not.)
3. Cooking a super duper meal for my family this afternoon (Chicken strips with a tangy mustard sauce, hmm mmm). Believe me it was damn good, if I have to say so myself! I didn’t know I was capable of such perfection in the kitchen. It just goes to show, if you just try anyone make good food!
4. Seeing The Weather Man. Go see this movie, it is hilarious! The scene where Nicholas Cage calls his ex wifes new husband a dildo and a pork fuck is insanely funny! Really a strange thing to call someone?
5. Reading reading reading reading….
6. Too little mountain biking…
7. Making a highly addictive compilation CD for some of my friends in need of some good music.

…but never fear because tomorrow is Monday and it’s a holiday, so another movie, some mountain biking and the worlds best chicken will be on the menu!

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power play

If you happen to be in Cape Town between 25 April and 20 May 2006, be sure to check out my uncles first solo art exhibition at the Bell-Roberts Contemporary Art Gallery.

Unfortunately I live a 1 400km away on the other side of South Africa, so I won’t be able to see it. I’ve seen one of the finished pieces, a shiny chrome missile covered with kinky leather straps. It looked like it came straight off the movie set of a movie that could have been a cross between The Matrix and an S&M Manga movie. I think the whole idea of the exhibition is to investigate and demonstrate the ways in which modern governments and societies try to make war seem sexy and morally correct just to obtain economic advantages. So if you go to see the exhibition, come back here and give us your feedback.

The official press release reads as follows,

Bell-Roberts Contemporary Art Gallery
89 Bree Street
Cape Town

Opening: Tuesday 25 April at 18:00
Opening speaker: Pippa Skotnes
Duration: 25 April – 20 May 2006
Viewing hours: Weekdays 08h30 – 17h30, Saturdays 10h00 – 13h00

“Power Play is Johann van der Schijff’s first solo show since completing his post-graduate studies in The Netherlands nine years ago. A six-month sabbatical from his position as lecturer in new media at the Michaelis School of Fine Art results in this thought-provoking and playful exhibition.

New media theorist Lev Manovich suggested that making a choice involves a moral responsibility, and Van der Schijff takes this as his cue to examine power relationships in society. What he is aiming at in this exhibition is for the viewer to be forced into a position of choice in their engagement with the work (“shall I hit the blow-up doll / punch bag or not?”).

The meticulous workmanship and finishes are important in the reading of the work, and are aimed to emulate and appeal in the same way as objects in designer-lifestyle shops or motorcar display floors. Production of the work has been facilitated by computer-aided design and manufacturing techniques with its roots in the military-industrial complex.”

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cuppa joe

Everyone has their own beliefs/rituals/habits when it comes to drinking coffee, and the number of cups/mugs you drink per day. Some people can’t get by without at least a cup every hour or so, while other people have a prized cup early in the morning and that’s it. Other people, myself included go through cycles or phases of coffee drinking.

Upon starting at a new job, my coffee consumption displays a dramatic upward spike for a few weeks. This is because the coffee is different from the coffee at your previous job. Suddenly coffee tastes good again and I drink 2 or 3 cups a day. Then the newness starts to wear off. Gradually I start drinking fewer cups a day until finally I can’t ever stomach another cup of that particular coffee. No amount of money in the world could make me drink another cup of my previous employers coffee. Then again we had a lot of Swedes in the office, and they don’t drink coffee, they drink tar.

So a couple of months ago I started working at a new place, with new coffee. It was so good I referred to it as, super coffee. Well suffice to say I’m starting to get fed up with super coffee. Some people see coffee a thirst quencher, sort of like water. You just drink it because you need to drink something. I personally to see coffee more in the same light as wine. It’s a special drink that you want to savour and enjoy (And sometimes indulge, although this is more the case with wine than coffee). So once again I think I’ve had enough of the super coffee and I’m scaling down on my coffee at work so that when I drink a cup of coffee, I actually enjoy it.

To make this interesting, leave a comment on how many cups of coffee you drink everyday and whether you ever get fed up with the coffee at work or not…

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