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aPple love

Last week Friday Apple Computer opened up a brand new store in New York City. To mark the occasion they made a movie of the first 24 hours of the new store. As one would expect from Apple fanatics, some pretty interesting stuff were captured on the movie. The most interesting perhaps was a guy who proposed to his wife by holding up 3 signs in front of the video camera. Go check out the clip at, and click on the 05:00 link to watch the movie clip. Apparently his proposal worked out well and his girlfriend said yes.

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Pimp my trailer

Today I went to the factory of the Worlds Best Trailer, The Desert Wolf. This isn’t a normal everyday trailer. Every trailer is custom built according to the clients specifications. It’s sort of like Pimp my ride for hardcore off road adventure seekers.

These trailers are the brain child of a German engineer who built a trailer for himself. Wherever he went people wanted to know where he got his trailer and he decided to open up a factory.

Visiting the factory is pretty impressive; it’s situated in the country side outside of where virtually all the parts of the trailers are made from scratch using state of the art laser cutting and manufacturing technology. First the stainless steel trailer parts are precisely cut out by a machine using computer aided designs and then they are assembled by a crew of trailer building “experts”. The factory can assemble about 2 to 3 completely customised trailers a week for the lucky few customers who managed to get on the waiting list.

Some of the add-ons that are built into the trailers include a kitchen, water and fuel tanks, a 6 person tent that folds out of the top of the trailer, electric wiring with a sun panel and batteries, a fridge, a table, gas cylinders, a spade, an axe and a shower! Basically you can have anything built into the trailer that you desire. A Sony Playstation and a plasma screen would definitely be possible for these guys!

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Pain Of Eight Sunsets

A couple of weeks ago me and 5 other brave brethren undertook an 8 day hike in the Naukluft National Park in Namibia. The brave six were Emile, Pieter, Marcel, Jaco, Wynand and me. The whole trip took 12 days, 4 spent traveling 1 600km’s there and 1 600km’s back, and 8 days hiking 120km [1]. Following are some of the things that stuck in my mind from every day of the trip.

Day 1—6 guys in one car just smells bad, real bad!

Day 2—Almost immediately after you’ve eaten the hamburger at the local take away joint in Karasburg, the fear of “death by burger” sets in. Trust me these burgers are dubious as hell!

Day 3—The first day of the big hike has arrived. Grass can really be a bitch, especially if it’s the knee-high kind with lots of cleverly designed seeds containing tiny hooks and spikes that stick to anything woolly—like socks—and delve themselves deep down into your shoes to prick, scratch and generally irritate the crap out of your feet!

Day 4—Never go on a hiking trip without the most essential survival item… Ziploc bags! Cut 2 of them open at their bottoms, pull then over your feet, put on your socks and hiking boots and pull the Ziplocs over the tops of your boots. Now seal the end of the Ziplocs snugly around your ankle to keep out 95% of those sticky little buggers. The other 5% still manage to find the soft flesh on your ankles no matter what!

Day 5—Take more than 500ml of alcoholic beverages for comfort in the evenings! On the morning of day 3 I was down to roughly 100ml of Amarula. My fellow hikers warned me and Pieter that we weren’t taking enough “alcoholic provisions” (they took 1,5 litres each), but we didn’t listen! Fortunately, as on any hiking trip, there was a fair amount of bartering taking place later on.

Day 6—Namibia is supposed to be a dessert! The following things should not be found there: grass, mountains and rain. Yet I have found all three! Never forget to pack for the rain, not even if you are going to hike in the dessert! Believe me, it rains in Namibia.

Day 7—A man can walk very far and drink only 1,5 litres of water. In fact I walked 17 km’s and only drank 1,5 litres of water. It wasn’t fun and I don’t recommend it, but it is possible. Never trust the water points indicated on a map that was revised more than 10 years ago.

Day 8—After you hike up a seriously steep mountain and down the other side and back up another even more seriously steep mountain and every step feels like a terrible chore, after all that you can still run the 100m sprint like Frankie Fredericks. Of course you’ll need good motivation. A black spitting cobra glaring up at you less than 2m in front of you is extremely good motivation!

Day 9—It’s depressing to crouch underneath a rapidly swelling waterfall, high up in a mountain with thunder all around and frogs scampering out of the pools to higher ground for safety. If the frogs are looking for higher ground then surely something bad must be brewing? And seriously, the route planners must be joking if they think you are supposed to climb up this waterfall! Always take a good scout like Emile to find a better route when things get vertical!

Day 10—It’s all downhill from here! Running down a mountain for the ultimate prize, Tafel Lager, is a lot of fun.

Day 11Upington is a seriously dodgy place. They serve damn good steak and beer at the local Dros, but the pimped up rides and their owners in the parking lot are more than a little scary, yikes! Seriously, who spends cold hard cash to install purple disco lights underneath their Citi Golf, just below the fender?

Day 12—It’s hard enough to get some shut eye in the world’s creepiest youth hostel, so getting up at 5am to the sound of a drunk guy trying to tell you why Naas Botha was and still is the best rugby player the world has ever seen wasn’t so bad! Sleeping in the car was easy.

To wrap it up, the Naukluft Hiking trail is an amazing experience in one of the most beautiful places on earth. If you’re in search of a great and challenging hike then this is it.

See some of my photo’s of the trip at I’ll be adding some more over the next couple of days.

[1] Whether the route is only 120km is debatable, after 8days we reckon it is closer to 140km.

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one shit song

This morning I switched on the television, flipped through some channels when I see the familiar face of Bono on VH1. Yeah! It’s U2 a video I’ve never seen before! Wait… What the fuck is Mary J Blige doing in a U2 video and why does it sound like they are performing U2’s hit song, One, to an old age home?

What the hell could have inspired U2 to allow Mary J Blige to add a bitter taste on this brilliant song forever? The video sucks too. Basically they perform the song live, with Mary trying to figure out what the lyrics mean so she can put all of her R&B heart and soul into it. I also got the idea that the guys from U2 regret that they ever allowed miss Blige to touch their song, because the looks on their faces are looks of fear, confusion and horror, especially Larry and The Edge.

If nothing else, I hope U2 this little endeavour into inferior artist collaboration land made U2 realise that they should stick to collaborating with real artists like BB King, Michael Hutchence, Frank Sinatra and Johnny Cash [1].

My worst nightmare… A U2 album featuring Ashley Simpson, P Diddy and Beyonce!

[1] Or not, everybody that collaborates with U2 seem to die! Watch out for that truck Mary!

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