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Beautiful game

The FIFA World Cup has arrived. Inevitably productivity all around the world is going to be down for the next 4 weeks. Employees will put in “sick” days, managers will schedule “lunchtime” meetings, students just won’t go to class; all to watch the most beautiful game. For the next 4 weeks people will plan their lives around their television watching schedule.

Suddenly people think nothing of skipping supper, skipping a shower, skipping any form of exercise they might normally be involved in. Mail won’t get opened and dogs won’t be fed. Just as long as we can watch soccer, we’ll be happy. Luckily there is nothing to be ashamed about, because one thing is certain, the rest of the world is neglecting everything and everyone with us!

Just to help you I’ve set up a FIFA World Cup South African TV times calendar that you can use with Google calendar. If you have a gmail account you can log into Google calendar and search for the FIFA South Africa calendar. Then just add it to your calendar and you’re all set.

June 29th, 2006 3 Comments

My number 1 web development tip

My experience as a web developer has taught me a lot of things, but perhaps none more important than the following, my number 1 tip to all web developers and web surfers.

Internet Explorer sucks! Download Firefox now, it’s free, it doesn’t break websites, it’s only 4.9MB and most importantly… Firefox will make you happy!

June 20th, 2006 4 Comments

Steady Whipping

Just flipped over to Vh1 during the half-time break of the Czech Republic vs. USA World Cup match. The new song from the Raconteurs was playing. It’s a pretty cool song and it has a catchy chorus that goes like this, “Steady, as she goes”.

The moment I flipped back to the soccer, the first thing the commentator said was, “The Czech team should just keep on playing Steady as they go“. Could it be that the Super Sport commentators are also flipping channels during the ad breaks?

More importantly, the Czech Republic is at this moment whipping the US team 2 – 0!

Update: My pixels were barely cold. 3 – 0

June 12th, 2006 1 Comment

The World According to Garp – John Irving

The World According to Garp – John Irving

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Chicken pie

When I’m on my lunch break and I’ve been waiting 50 minutes for a something as simple as a steak roll and chips at a restaurant [1], the logical thing to do is pay for my orange juice, get up, walk across the street into SPAR and buy a stupid chicken pie!

[1] Café Milagro, 13th Street, Menlopark, Pretoria

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