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Version 2

Along with a new day comes a brand new design for sizeight. I hope you enjoyed the previous design but like the new simpler design even better. My re-design isn’t 100% finished and I’ll be making small changes and fixes[1] in the coming days (not months).

Deep down underneath the hood of sizeight is where I have actually made the most dramatic changes over the last couple of weeks. Firstly I have “decommissioned” my old blogging engine, hand coded by myself in the autumn[2] of 2005. In the beginning of 2005 all I had was my antiquated pre-1997 HTML skills and a curiosity as to the meaning of the word blog, so in order to teach myself how to develop for the “new” Internet I started developing sizeight with PHP, MySQL, XHTML, and CSS[3]. The result of my efforts served me well for almost 18 months and coding sizeight was fun, but now I’ve learned what I wanted to and I’m leaving the job of developing a kick ass blogging engine to the guys at WordPress who do it best.

The second change I’ve made is switching my hosting company. Yesterday sizeight was hosted by Hetzner, today sizeight is hosted by Dreamhost. As far as I’m concerned, Dreamhost is far superior to any other hosting company I’ve come across so far. Dreamhost charges $7.95/mo for 20 000MB storage space, Hetzner charges $12.95/mo for 100MB storage space, you do the math.

If you have any comments about the new design, let me know.

[1] For instance you might have noticed that all the previous comments have disappeared, never fear, I will obviously fix this and one morning you’ll wake up and all the comments will be back where they should be.

[2] March – May for those of us living in the southern hemisphere.

[3] Only after breaking my neck with frames and tables for quite a while did I discover the beauty and elegance of CSS and web standards.

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Geknelde Land – F.A. Venter

Geknelde Land – F.A. Venter

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