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Oh, and you still have over 2788.072847 megabytes (and counting) of free storage

I just made a quick calculation. I’ve had my Gmail account since June 2004, i.e. for 30 months. In this time I have stored 461MB’s worth of emails. This means I’m collecting emails at a rate of 16.36MB/month.

Every Gmail user currently has about 2788MB of free storage space, and this space is increasing at a rate of roughly 4 bytes/second, which translates to 10.03 MB/month.

Assuming nothing changes I’ll catch up with my free storage around December 2036, I’ll be 65 years old, and I’ll have 6 400MB worth of emails!

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Offerland – F.A. Venter

Offerland – F.A. Venter

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4th row in 15 minutes

I just got an sms from my friend Rian. He’s in Perth Australia and he’s seeing something he’s been dreaming of for a long time. As I type this he’s singing along to Even Flow, Not for you or Jeremy at a Pearl Jam concert.

I can’t remember how Rian became a fan, but I first heard Pearl Jam in 1995, when my brother brought home Ten and Vs. I copied both albums on tape and I’ve been listening to Pearl Jam ever since. Back in high school me and Rian and our other friends listened to a lot of rock music, but Pearl Jam was definitely one of our favourites. It’s probably the one band that we’ve all been dreaming of seeing live some day… if only someone would tell Eddie Vedder about the cool surf spots in South Africa, then we might see them soon!

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I read in the paper today that the average German drinks 118 litres of beer every year. This means the average German drinks about 2,2 litres of beer per week. That’s a lot of beer, and it made me realise that a couple of my friends could have comfortably classified as “above average Germans” while we were still at university.

The champion beer drinkers are the Czechs, with an average of 156.9 litres per year, that’s almost a pint a day! The average South African only drinks 59.2 litres of beer a year, strange considering that we’re sweating our asses off most of the time?

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This years 94.7 Cycle Challenge was,

  • wet (although when the rain stopped the weather was perfect for cycling),
  • easier than last year,
  • very well organised, the new parking was very convenient (Ditching Kyalami race track was a good idea),
  • a total distance of 99.9km’s according to my odometer.

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The Shackled Continent – Robert Guest

The Shackled Continent – Robert Guest

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You Jam

Check this out… The 2 greatest bands in the world on one stage!

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Which language

Recently I’ve been doing some thinking about programming languages and why me and other programmers use the languaes we use. The most obvious reason is probably because we learnt a specific language in our studies. I use Java because I learnt it at university, and PHP because I stumbled into web development and this is the most popular free language for web development available.

I like both these languages but I’ve started asking myself whether there could be something better out there, and I suspect there could. After a lot of surfing around the web I have come to the conclusion that Ruby, Perl or Python could be on to something. However learning 3 new languages is just stupid, so I decided to investigate Python [1] a bit further.

I also found this interesting website ranking programming languages according to their popularity in search terms at various search engines, as well as the Python Challenge, an interesting way to learn a new language by writing simple scripts to solve a different “riddles”.

As a matter of curiosity, if you’re a programmer which languages do you use most frequently?

[1] If you decide to check out the Python website, be sure to go to and not .com, just take my word for it.

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