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Walking around the house in the dark with only moonlight to guide you has the strange side effect of making everything look so neat and tidy.

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The Last King of Scotland

A story with a similar plot to this movie is playing out right now in our neighbouring country, Zimbabwe, with the world witnessing the beating of the opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai last week. The Last King of Scotland is a movie about Idi Amin, the Ugandan dictator during the 70’s. If you’re interested in politics or history I could recommend this movie, just be warned I had to close my eyes a few times during the movie because the torture scenes were extremely graphic. Let’s just say no one in the audience left the cinema with a smile on their face.

March 22nd, 2007 2 Comments

A shop in a box

Apple likes to release products that resemble perfection, so they first built a prototype of their Apple stores in a warehouse before they opened up shop. Here’s an interesting article explaining how Steve Jobs went about creating the most successful store in the world… sort of like the iPod of stores.

Recently Apple also opened up some iStores in South Africa, pop over to Menlyn Park Shopping Centre and have a look.

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Accidentally type some random garbage into Google, like sdfasd, and you get 26 000 results… mostly garbage.

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iWoz – Steve Wozniak

iWoz – Steve Wozniak

The true story about Steve Wozniak and how he designed and built the first personal computer as we all know it today, a computer that works with a keyboard and a screen.

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Nacho Libre

If you want to laugh your ass off, put on some stretchy pants and watch Nacho Libre starring the funniest actor ever, Jack Black. There’s something about guys with the combination of an afro and a moustache that just cracks me up!

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