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Vlug in die Namib (The Sheltering Desert) – Henno Martin

Vlug in die Namib (The Sheltering Desert) – Henno Martin

The unbelievable true story of 2 German geologists who spent 2 years in the Namibian Desert during World War 2 to avoid internment. All through my childhood years I can remember my dad sometimes telling me and my brother that this was one of the most amazing books he ever read, and we should read it. A few weeks ago I finally picked it up and I soon I realised my dad was right. I was immediately gripped by the stories of hunting and how these two men used every little scrap nature has to offer to survive for 2 years in the unforgiving Namibian Desert. Surviving in the Namibian desert for 2 years is an unbelievable achievement. Me and some friends did an 8 day hike in Namibia last year and even the razor sharp seeds from a thousand different grasses latching on to our socks seemed determined to stop us from getting out of the desert alive.

If you like the outdoors and adventure then this book is a must read. I couldn’t find any new copies available but you should be able to pick up a used copy easily from a second hand bookshop.

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Marty Friedman

Over the years a lot of my favourite bands have split up or changed their line-ups. I often find myself wondering what the members of some of these bands are up to these days. So yesterday I found myself listening to Megadeth again and I was wondering what Marty Friedman is up to lately. I use to listen to Megadeth almost every day during high school and I still think the albums they recorded with Marty Friedman on lead guitar are some the best speed metal albums ever made.

So I decided to check out Marty Friedman on Wikipedia and found some interesting facts about Marty Friedman. It turns out he currently lives in Japan, he also speaks fluent Japanese and he is the host of his own television show on Japanese television. He has also been recording some solo albums as well as with other artists over the last few years. I had a listen to some of his songs on his website but I wasn’t too impressed. Obviously he’s still an able guitarist, probably better than ever, but his music sounds like the experimental antics I’ve heard from a dozen other solo progressive rock musicians.

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Napoleon Dynamite

Over the last year or so whenever the conversation turns to must see movies, a lot of people have been shocked when they hear that I haven’t seen Napoleon Dynamite yet. They would say things like “What? You haven’t seen Napoleon Dynamite yet?” or “It’s the best damn movie ever made!!!”. So last night I finally saw the movie. I found it pretty funny, and a lot better than the average crap Hollywood produces most of the time. I would go so far as describing it as my kind of movie, especially the sense of humour. I found uncle Rico, who is stuck in the eighties and wishes he could go back there and make his football playing dreams come true, especially funny. But I have to say, this is definitely not the best movie ever made and I don’t understand the hype around it? I think it’s a case of, this is a “weird” underground movie and not so many people know about it so I’m gonna tell everybody it’s the best damn movie ever and I saw it before anybody else knew about it.

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Flight details

The other day my mom told me about a neat sms service. When you have to pick somebody up from the airport it’s handy to know whether the fight is on schedule or delayed. Instead of calling the airport or searching the net for flight details, simply sms the flight number to 35007 and you imediately recieve an sms with the current flight details. This service is provided by the Airports Company South Africa and available for all ACSA airports in South Africa. I’ve used it a few time now and everytime it worked like a charm.

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Sometimes when I write I get stuck. I don’t know whether to use an apostrophe or not, I can’t find the right word or phrase to say what I want or I don’t know the correct spelling of difficult words like shenanigans, Frits Bolkestein or Tajikistan [1].

Not anymore. The Economist Style Guide makes writing simple and clear, and best of all it’s available for free online at

[1] OK I would never have a reason to use or spell these words but some other words I often use have difficult spellings.

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