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Excellent essay’s

With literally millions of blogs on the internet these days, I sometimes find it difficult to find quality reading anymore. Once in a while however, I stumble upon a web author whose words instantly captivate me. Two years ago I came across a very well written and informative essay by Paul Graham, titled How to Do What You Love. I was so impressed I read most of his essays on his website in the next days. Mostly his essays are about startups, programming, and philosophy, but what makes them such good reading is the fact that all of his essays have some practical insights about life and human behaviour in general. Even if you don’t know much about software development, I’m sure you could still find his essays informative.

Tonight I went searching for some good reading again and I found 2 recent essays with some interesting thoughts, take look.

November 29th, 2007 1 Comment

Top 5 Games ever

This morning me, Pieter and Pieter (Version 2) were thinking back about all the computer games we’ve enjoyed playing, and we started listing our top 5 computer games ever. We realised our favourite games were all relatively old. Probably because we played more games when we were younger and the memories of the hours we spent playing these games without a worry in the world are so great. I also find the simplicity of older games, the pixelated graphics and tunes games made them more memorable and addictive than today’s games. It’s difficult to come up with just 5 great games, but my choices are as follows…

  1. Myst (This game was revolutionary. My dad brought it back from a visit in the US in 1993 and I spent most afternoons for the next year exploring every corner of these amazing worlds. Check out the re-release of this classic with a free downloadable demo.)
  2. SimCity 2000 (Perfect for killing time on Sunday afternoons. I think it’s due to simplicity of SimCity’s objective, build a powerful city, that made it one of the most succesfull and addictive games ever.)
  3. Medal of Honor (During the FIFA World Cup 2000 and our University Exams, me, my brother Hannes and my 2 friends Paul and Rian played this game front to back! Miraculously we also passed all our exams and saw most of the World Cup.)
  4. Indiana Jones and the fate of Atlantis (I killed at least 2 school holidays in 1995 playing Fate of Atlantis. I loved the movies and this game was just as exciting. What made it even cooler was that there are 3 different “paths” to play the game through.)
  5. Age of Empires II (Next to SimCity 2000, I killed the most hours on Sunday afternoons playing Age of Empires II over and over and over…)

November 27th, 2007 2 Comments