Excellent essay’s

November 29th, 2007

With literally millions of blogs on the internet these days, I sometimes find it difficult to find quality reading anymore. Once in a while however, I stumble upon a web author whose words instantly captivate me. Two years ago I came across a very well written and informative essay by Paul Graham, titled How to Do What You Love. I was so impressed I read most of his essays on his website www.paulgraham.com in the next days. Mostly his essays are about startups, programming, and philosophy, but what makes them such good reading is the fact that all of his essays have some practical insights about life and human behaviour in general. Even if you don’t know much about software development, I’m sure you could still find his essays informative.

Tonight I went searching for some good reading again and I found 2 recent essays with some interesting thoughts, take look.

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