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Change we can believe in?

The Democratic Alliance unveiled their new logo this weekend at their re-launch party. After seeing it I couldn’t help but notice a striking resemblance to another logo I’ve seen recently? Hmm, Barack Obama’s campaign logo perhaps?

Democratic Alliance - Obama logos

November 17th, 2008 1 Comment

Register to vote in the South African General election in 2009

Now that the US election is finally over, it’s time to focus on our own election in 2009, an election where every single vote really does count. Recently the question of where and when to register for the election has come up a few times in coversations I’ve had. Well, I found out.

Firstly you need to find out if you are already registered to vote. The easiest way is to SMS your ID number to 32810, you’ll get a reply confirming if you’re registered and where you should vote.

If you are not registered you need to find out where you can register. To do this, go to Be warned, this is the worst website I have come across in a very long time, click the refresh button if the page doesn’t load.

After you know where to register, you can visit your voting station this coming weekend between 8 and 9 November, when voting stations will be open for registration from 8am to 5pm.

Easy as pie, now go register.

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